A Simple Way for Families to Share Time

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A Simple Way for Families to Share Time

Routine in the office can be a barrier to spending quality time with family. In fact, there are some simple tips that you can practice in busy schedules.

- Hugs and kisses. Nothing is more beautiful and healthy than hugs and kisses to the child (or husband). Contact affection before the office can get you through the day irrespective of how to be happier. Physical contact will reduce the amount of the hormone cortisol or stress triggers hormones produced by the body.

- Give a surprise. Sweet surprise not have to be expensive and luxurious. Occasionally prepare a special breakfast, tucking the note read "I love you" to husband in a shirt pocket, or prepare your favorite chocolate boy in the school bag is definitely not a difficult thing, is not it? Although simple, the effect will surely delight them.

- Make fun family activities on the weekends. Nothing should be out of town, Get kids camping or a picnic in the back of the house. Feel free to do the silly things that could be remembered together, such as birthday parties pet dog, or paint together in a large canvas to display in the living room.

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