Calming children are afraid of lightning

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Calming children are afraid of lightning

Try the following tips to help your child when the fear of lightning and thunder.
  • When the child is afraid, will not be easy for him to accept your word that the root cause of fear is actually not dangerous, scary, etc.. All he knew, scared ya scared. Better, confess his fears by saying, "Mom understands that the thunder and lightning was scary, but Mom knows that you will learn to cope with your feelings."
  • Propose also a 'hideout' that is safe and comfortable for protection and neutralize fear, namely her room! Get her to play with her ​​favorite toy or reading a book. The book about the origin of thunder and lightning also can help, you know. After you read it, and he saw the pictures, children will see the amazing natural events from a different perspective.
  • The atmosphere of the room safe and quiet, he would be able to control her safety. Slowly, his fear will decrease.

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