Lose Weight Without Hunger

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Lose Weight Without Hunger

The perception of most people today is the same diet or eat less alias withstand hunger. In fact, excessive hunger and unhealthy hamper our efforts to lose weight. To make the weight to be dropped actually do not bother to have to starve for hours.

The best way to lose weight is to change our diet with foods full of nutrients and rich in nutrients. Here we need to do is just replace our daily meals. Benefits of eating nutritious foods are those foods may not make us eat too much. So we do not have to bother calculating the intake of calories we spend every day.

Research by health experts shows a by replacing animal foods lifestyle with vegetarian diet, proven to reduce weight, increase energy, and prevents indigestion. Instead of confusion, the following is an example of a suitable meal replacement to replace the food from animal products
  • Substitute meat
Meat protein is highly needed by the body. But the age of 30 years are advised not to consume meat. Alternatively we could eat more nuts such as peanuts, beans, peas, etc.. Then eat too tempeh, and tofu
  • Substitute egg
Eggs we can actually change the vegetables that are full of protein and whole grain cereals
  • Substitute milk
Although milk is good for growth, but age 20 years and over is actually not really need milk. We can replace it with soy milk, coconut juice. Then eat also almonds and flax seeds.
  • Substitute cheese
Cheese can we replace olive oil
Meal replacement is of course should we eat more than the main meal. For example, we used to drink a glass of milk every morning, and then we replace by drinking 2 glasses of soy milk every morning.

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