Treating Thrush Naturally

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Treating Thrush Naturally

Thrush is a disease that often affects the mouth. The cause is a lack of vitamin C, but most often the result of bite wounds are not being treated. Like a toothache, canker sores are also quite agonizing especially while chewing food. Eating had become anxious because of soreness resulting from the sprue. Thrush also made us so lazy way of a sense of the pain.

Then how do I treat thrush that does not settle long in the mouth? Here are tips for you.
  1. Expand the foods that contain vitamin B, C, folic acid and iron. Thrush is not only due to the lack of vitamin C you know.
  2. Gargle with salt water. Salt can kill germs in the mouth so as to accelerate the healing process.
  3. Gargling with coconut water without drinking. Do it repeatedly until the coconut water out.
  4. Pound the garlic and raw papaya. Then apply on the affected sprue.
  5. Rub coffee grounds on the sprue and let stand for a few minutes. Then rinse with clean water.
Once you heal thrush, here are some tips to prevent canker sores that do not come anymore.
Eat slowly, do not rush. This is to avoid being bitten tongue or lips while eating. Besides chewing food longer also makes the brain more clever you know.

Many of the consumption of foods containing vitamin C, B, folic acid, and iron.
Do not forget to brush your teeth 2x a day to prevent the breeding of bacteria in the mouth.
Preventing certainly better than cure. Hopefully this article useful for treating canker sores you!

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