Lasers Provide To Treat Hair Removal

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Lasers Provide To Treat Hair Removal

When hair removal is done by laser the treatment area is first numbed with a lotion, cream, or gel and the laser is then used to emit a pulse of high energy heated light that kills the hair follicles but does not damage the surrounding skin. The use of lasers in hair removal is unquestionable in their effectiveness and ability to save you invaluable time. Unsightly hair is a problem that many men and women face all over their bodies. Common methods of hair removal are usually temporary and ineffective at totally removing all hair, and not-to-mention messy.

Who should get laser hair removal?
Just as in all cases of treating either the hair or skin with a laser, darker hair and lighter skin are the best combination for laser hair removal. The laser targets pigments, so if you have darker skin the more likely it is that you will absorb the laser into your skin causing damage. However, there are ways in which individuals with darker skin and lighter hair can also receive hair removal treatments both with and without the use of lasers.

Before you get hair removal treatment
  1. Seek help from a professional laser hair treatment professional. Don’t try to skimp on costs by going to someone who isn’t licensed or certified specifically in laser hair treatment. Remember this is your body and there’s no room for error.
  2. Ask plenty of questions regarding how long the procedure(s) will take, the cost of treatment, the type of lasers that will be used, and any other questions you may have
  3. Don’t expect immediate results. Most laser treatments occur over the course of weeks to even months; when you include the time that you have to wait in between treatments, so it is possible for a while it may look like change is slow to nothing. Be patient, it’s a process and it does take time.
Areas that are commonly treated for hair removal
  • Legs
  • Bikini area
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Underarms
Benefits of laser hair removal
  • No more buying creams, gels, razors, and waxes
  • Requires fewer treatment sessions than other procedures such as electrolysis
  • Results can last anywhere from a couple of months to permanently
Laser hair removal should only be done by professionals who are experienced in the procedure and can provide you pre and post treatment care. If you suffer from unwanted or excessive hair then laser hair removal treatment may be just what the doctor ordered.

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