New look after a weight loss surgery

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New look after a weight loss surgery

The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach they say, but little do we realize that our stomach, or rather what we put into our stomach, could be the major contributing factor in the way we lead our life. As a result the predominant condition is mental breakdowns, stress disorders, physical ailments like back aches and sprains and of course morbid obesity. Most of us do not even consider treatments and precaution before it is really late in the day.

However, certain surgical procedures like the weight loss surgery can give you a second shot at life if you are willing to make the effort It is time of junk food gulped down with aerated drinks, laptop jobs with little or no physical exertion, stress and undue pressure because of chasing unattainable deadlines. The present lifestyle consists of a rat race, where people have little or no time for themselves, leave alone their friends or family.

The eligible candidates need to be above 18 years of age and preferably below 55, although some doctors are known to go beyond this acceptable limit if the case so demands The basic criteria is that he or she must have been overweight for five years or more and have been unable to reduce weight through normal measures like exercise or controlled diet. Also the patients under consideration must have a BMI (body mass index) of 40 or more, to qualify for a weight loss surgery. An individual needs to fulfill certain necessary criteria even before he can qualify for a weight loss surgery.

The top portion is very small in size and quickly fills up after consuming a very little quantity of food. The surgery is also known as the lap band surgery because an adjustable gastric band is placed surgically to separate the stomach into two separate compartments. Therefore, even after you have eaten a small portion of your food you experience a feeling of fullness and you stop eating.
The surgery works on this principle that once you reduce the intake of food and are eating the nutritionally balanced diet, it is easy to reduce weight and maintain your ideal weight during the entire lifetime, under regulated conditions The weight loss surgery is all about how much quantity and what quality of edibles are you allowed to consume.

It is advisable to do a complete background research about the entire procedure and the operating surgeon before you commit yourself to the task. Also, find out the postoperative care and precaution that you need to take and ensure that you can maintain the ideal weight for the rest of your life. Yet another consideration is the cost of the surgery.

The surgery may also have some side effects which cannot be predicted before hand and this is one of the drawbacks to an otherwise favored method of weight loss. Therefore, make sure that you are well acquainted with all the facets of this process to ensure a smooth and healthy life in the future A word of caution, however, is necessary before you make up your mind to opt for a weight loss surgery.

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