Weight gain and weight loss solutions

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Weight gain and weight loss solutions

Overweight people are becoming the norm and unfortunately this is very unhealthy. The reward for losing weight is not only a better looking body but also a body that is alert, energetic, strong and healthy. Couple this with a more positive self esteem and on the whole, the world would be a better place.

Unfortunately, people try to lose weight by crash dieting and ingesting medicines that might have nasty side effects. Many do not know why they are overweight and merely treat the symptom (weight gain), often with little or no result. Like all challenges, we should look at the cause of a problem in order to better know how to remedy it.

Here then are some common causes of weight gain followed by common weight loss solutions used today.

Obesity and weight gain tends to run in families. This is closely related to poor family eating habits as well but research has shown a genetic link.

Little exercise and crash diets actually slow down the metabolism. This makes weight loss even more difficult.

Crash diets
When food intake is drastically reduced, our bodies slow down metabolism in order to conserve energy. The body becomes convinced that food supply is unreliable and will start to store as much fat as possible. A person will then pick up weight, even when back onto a normal healthy diet.

Comfort is eating is quite common. Food is often associated with reward and pleasurable feelings. In time, food becomes related to emotional addiction.

Socio-cultural factors
Due to inactivity and years of eating incorrectly, people become overweight. Diets, fast foods and quick energy fixes make a huge contribution to weight gain.

Medical Conditions
Some medical conditions result in people picking up weight. Some examples are: Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome...

Side effects
Certain medications cause weight gain as a side effect. These include some oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, corticosteroids, lithium and anti-seizure agents.

Although weight gain is normal during pregnancy, many women struggle to lose weight after giving childbirth.

Methods in use for losing weight
  • Drug treatment
Prescription and over the counter drugs are used to control appetite. However, many of these products contain stimulants which cause anxiety and numerous other health problems. The body ultimately suffers and lost weight often returns when use of the product is stopped.

  • Psychotherapy
If weight gain is linked to emotional issues, it would be better to deal with those emotions. Psychotherapy helps identify emotional triggers and to discover positive ways to deal with them.

  • Lifestyle change
Even though changing bad habits is difficult, it is much easier than most people think. Healthy and balanced diets, irregular exercise, a positive mental approach and a positive emotional quotient do much for a healthy body. This is a gradual process so immediate results are not expected. On the other hand, the results are very long term.

  • Natural Remedies
Herbal and homeopathic remedies help people lose weight in a healthy manner. They boost metabolism and stimulate the digestive system. They provide a rich source of minerals and maintain healthy metabolism. Natural ingredients assist in the breakdown of dietry fat and rid the body of harmful toxins. The result is a slimmer, energetic and healthy body. Results are noticed quickly but are very long term. The best part is that there are no harmful side effects!

Now you should try to identify exactly why you are gaining weight. Be realistic with yourself. Then decide which would be the healthiest solution for you to reach your goal weight. Remember that the body heals naturally given time (lots of time) but sometimes needs a helping hand due to the lack of nutrients in our modern diets. You should not concentrate only on losing weight but being healthy as well.

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