How Smart Maintain Kidney Health

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How Smart Maintain Kidney Health

Health becomes a priceless treasure to us. This at a time when we can feel the pain condition. For if we are sick to spend the time and cost you a bit. Therefore, we must keep our health primary kidney.
Kidney is a vital organ in our body. This is because the function of the kidney as an organ that plays an important role in regulating the acid-base balance, regulation of blood pressure, stimulates the bone marrow to make red blood cells, helps maintain calcium for bones. The role of the kidneys for our bodies.

Health Tips will discuss How Smart Maintain Kidney Health:
  1. Adjusting diet is powerful tips to maintain and care for your kidney health. Choose foods such as fruits, vegetables are planted with no chemical fertilizers (organic) and stay away from processed foods, reduce excessive salt intake, and consume fish or white meat without the fat.
  2. Keeping digestion is a step that is recommended to maintain the health of your kidneys. This can be done by adding the food consumption of probiotics and prebiotics as well as food or fiber that has high enough.
  3. Stop the habit of smoking is the very next step recommended to maintain the health of your kidneys. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes plays an important role in kidney disorders that you will experience.
  4. Stop of alcoholic beverages now. This is because the consumption of alcohol would be bad for the health of your kidneys. because it resulted in an increase in blood pressure in your body that ultimately result in kidney disorders you.
  5. Drink water according to the needs of our bodies. in this case 6-8 glasses a day. It's very good to keep and care for your kidney health.
  6. Diligent exercise is the easiest tips to maintain the health of your kidneys. in this case can be done such as walking or running every morning.
  7. Try not to consume or even avoid some antibiotics and anti-pain medication. This is because you can damage your kidneys or your doctor about the use of the drug to the medical specialist first.

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