How Effective are Slimming Diets in Losing Weight?

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How Effective are Slimming Diets in Losing Weight?

There are a number of diet programs available online that claims to work amazingly to burn body fat. Maintaining an ideal weight is the key factor to stay fit and healthy so. Obesity is a major health hazard. If you want to live healthier and longer, you need to shed your extra weight. Is doomed to fail after a few week no matter how well it works at the start, but practically every slimming diets It leads to disease and death.

And any weight lost is promptly regained but after a few weeks, you are forced to give them up. Scientific studies show that approximately 45% of your daily food calories come from fats, 40% are derived from carbohydrates and 15% from proteins. You can tolerate minor variations in these ratios but not drastic changes Most fads diet work- for a short time. Any diet that changes the pattern of your natural eating habits is physiologically unsound and therefore unacceptable to your body.

Only sufficient calories can do that. Hunger is satisfied most people mistakenly believe that when the stomach is full. The control on hunger is in group of cells located at the base of your brain called Appestat which functions more like a thermostat or automatic regulator. When the amount of sugar in your blood drops below a fixed level, the appestat registers satiety and click off Filling your stomach with low calorie foods won’t satisfy your hunger.

The energy you do not use immediately is stored as body fat for future use Your body transform the food you eat into energy which you use to maintain life processes and to perform your daily activities. You can control your weight successfully by applying a basic principle learnt in school physics – the conservation of matter. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can be only transformed from one from to another.

Food, as everyone is aware, contains varying amounts of calories. Recently scientists have been able to count the number of calories your bodies use in performing basic function as well as in various sports and work activities. Since all foods and activities now have caloric equivalents, you can keep daily count of the calories you eat and the calories you expend.

Your body takes the needed calories from stored body fat, thereby reducing your weight when you eat fewer calories than you expend. So the conclusion is you should not stop eating fats; just reduce your overall calorie intake To reduce body weight, eat fewer calories that those burnt up.

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