How Important is Exercises in Losing Weight?

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How Important is Exercises in Losing Weight?

This article will focus on the facts why exercises are important in losing weight Are exercises a poor way to lose weight? This is the reason why many of the obese and overweight people ask about the role of exercises in losing weight. Physical activities and exercises increase the appetite.

Tests on individuals prove that vigorous exercise for half an hour a day will produce a weight loss despite increased food consumption. Exercises stimulate appetite and increase eating but not enough to account for the calories burned. The usual ratio between exercise and increased eating is about 800 calories expended and 500 taken in, leaving, deflect of 300. There are some hard working men who eat as much as 6000 calories a day more than twice the usual amount, without gaining weight

Another frequently asked question is what exercises are better than others in burning stored fat? Ideally, the more vigorous the exercise, the more fat it will consume. But how many people can play tennis for an hour? Or go swimming regularly? Practically you must pick the activity that is most convenient, a brisk walk, and exercises in your room, using stairs instead of lift, in short, anything that will make you breathe hard.

Reducing gradually is the best way according to many health experts. When stored fat is burned, it is taken from all over the body, not just where the activity exists. This weight must be maintained for an additional month and the next month another 2 ½ kilos must be reduced, and so on. Using this system you can lose 15 kilos a year and keep them off. Most people who lose weight readily have an easier time maintaining that lose. If 15 kilos is your goal, you must take off the initial 2 ½ kilos during the first month. It will improve muscle tone and perhaps appearance

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