How to Lose Weight, be fit - get body you want!

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Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean hours of training at the gym and eating only salad leaves. It’s about making easy-to-manage healthy choices in your day-to-day living.

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How to Lose Weight, be fit - get body you want!

This post explain to you the secret on how to achieve all your goals and dreams, be it weight loss, six pack, diet, fitness or otherwise. Actually, if people took some time to think about it they would come to this same conclusion themselves, but with our busy lives often silence and meditation is pushed to one side.

First, understand that most people think of themselves as “me” or “one person”. Of course this is correct in a way, but in order to accomplish a task, such as losing weight quickly or getting that six pack dream you must start thinking of yourself as the sum of 3 entities:

The Mind
You use the mind to perform psychological functions. I.e. to motivate your body and your spirit to accomplish their tasks. The motto of your mind is "do something every day to reach your goal" and you must use your mind many times per day to check if the body and the spirit have in fact done their job. I.e. You ask yourself: “have I done something today to get me closer to my goals?” and you ask this to yourself many times per day.

Your mind also has to realise and clearly explain to your whole being why you want to lose weight, why you want to have nice abs, be fit or whatever your goal is. This “why?” has to be answered very clearly and you must use your mind to remind yourself (your body and spirit) every day why you want what you want.

Print as big a picture of whatever you want to achieve (great body, boyfriend/girlfriend, money, whatever). Helps to put it in a frame. Then put it in the place where you will see it a lot. Put up a wallpaper on your computer of the same thing. Want it. This helps your with remembering and reminding yourself and not losing focus.

The Body
Wishing and choosing alone gets you only part way. Use your body to do everything possible every day to move yourself a little bit closer to your goal. This means, if you want a great body, do something every day (MOVE, do exercise, activity, eating healthier, etc) which will bring you closer to your goal. This does not mean you have to beat up yourself every day, because then you will over train and get injured. Listen to your body’s response. Push your body, but if you instinctively feel you can not do more or you must take a break – do take that break and do sleep 8 hours a day because the body needs the rest to build muscles and recover. Never train more than 2 days in a row with weights.

Cardio can be done daily (minimum 60 minutes as fat starts burning only after 30-45 minutes).
The body needs energy to accomplish its task. This means eating every 3-4 hours, however, never more than 300 calories per eating. That’s roughly a small piece of meat with vegetables or an omelette with sausages and mushrooms with a glass of juice or a bowl of fruits such as grapes. This also does not mean you have to eat all that. If one apple makes you feel satisfied, stop there. Listen to your body – always!

The Spirit
Spirit gives the inspiration; it gives you your wings. Be it the music which inspires or a day dream which brings you to the highest of the mountains and to fantasy worlds. Spirit is what enables you to accomplish so much more than what you thought you were capable of. Close your eyes and dream while your body is exercising (elliptical bike, stationary bike, weight lifting, ab crunches). Inspire the body and mind with the joined effect of your spirit with your favourite music which will rock you to your core and move you to rise to heights you never thought possible for yourself! If your are sitting in a chair, its your spirit which will excite your mind to motivate your body to MOVE!

Music. This is priceless motivator. Get your headphones with the best music you like. Go for a walk, or jogging or gym or jump around and dance silly.

So as you see, once you grasp that you need to respect your whole being, then there are no goals you can not reach, no mountain you can not climb. Use your mind, body and spirit, be fit, be healthy, lose weight, feel great and happy and radiate your newfound energy to others around you.

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