How to Make Fast Food Healthy Nutritious

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How to Make Fast Food Healthy Nutritious

Who does not know "Fast food" is already familiar in the ears and tongue. Especially for those who are super busy, food is the one who accompany the sidelines of work activity. But behind the delicious, fast food store a myriad of negative effects for health. But you do not need to worry, there are a few tips to fast food that we eat healthy nutritious. Want to know?

Although fast food tantalizing and seductive, this fast food often makes the body so stretchy. Weight loss so fat and disease came.

These tips deal with fast food that is safe and healthy:

1. Eliminate The salt.
When booked, ask to reduce the salt to be sprinkled on the fast food on pramusajinya, and sprinkled with salt is not better at all. Special to the sandwich, though not fried, the meat content contained in it has a high salt content which can certainly damage the health of the heart. Also on french fries with salt and oil are fairly high so as to interfere with the performance of the heart.

2. Choose Brown Rice
However brown rice made from brown rice healthier than white rice lebh general we consume far. And fast food restaurants are now many who provide it. Well, if any, should choose brown rice instead of white rice. However brown rice has more fiber content is much higher. Not just filling, brown rice can also lower blood cholesterol. Fats are found in brown rice is an excellent essential fatty acids for brain development. Even the content of iron, vitamins, and minerals are superior to white rice and contains tiamini a role in maintaining the body's metabolism.

3. Expand Vegetable servings.
The burgers and sandwiches are fast food options is the favorite. To be healthier, have any cheese, salad dressing, or mayonnaise. When there, ask for fish and chicken burger because it has a lower calorie content than meat. Ask add lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes in a layer of the burger or sandwich. And as a complement to the sauce, mustard and olive oil is suitable as a healthy choice.

4. Healthy Drinks
A professor of nutrition at the University of California, namely Judith Stern, ScD, RD, concluded that in each drink consumed, on average, contain high levels of sugar, either on soda, capuccinno, or fruit juice. And we know that sugar can increase the calories in the body and suppress absorption of nutrients from food. In a medium sized bottle of soda can contain 425 calories. For that, choose pure fruit juice with no sugar, or mineral water. Or sometimes you can order a cup of tea without sugar is quite good for the heart, may fight cancer and strengthen bones.

5. Let Sharing
To minimize the entry of substances that are not healthy at fast food, you should order a smaller portion or portions of the children. Or you can also share it with not eating alone. You can invite your friends work together or friends to eat together. So, when the normal cheeseburger at 7 ounces contains 606 calories and 29 grams of fat, if you eat three of them, of course you eat smaller portions. Indeed, sharing is healthy. And in closing, to replace the chocolate pudding and ice cream, you can choose which is certainly more healthful yogurt.

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