Relationship between Obesity and Fast Food

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Relationship between Obesity and Fast Food

America is at the risk of obesity outbreak and the American consumer should think before he takes next big bite on his favourite burger or a huge gulp on sweet soda. American food habit is solely depending on Fast Food since 1950's. Drive up restaurants, milk shakes, fries and famous burgers- these are synonymous to America's staple food.This type of food has become a tradition in the American way of life, but, we should never compromise with the threat that hampers improvement, in any way.

American dining experience is centred on fast food which has a close link with obesity. A recent survey has recorded that 60M Americans are considered obese. Australia comes second, after America. Generally, the risk of getting overweight is becoming a problem of world phenomenon. The outbreak of obesity is spreading quickly as the spurt of fast food all through the world. But, we should not point our finger at McDonald or Globalization only. The reasons for acceptance of speedy

Food outlets throughout the world are
  1. They are hot, tasty and greasy,
  2. The taste remains constant, never changes even in this changing world,
  3. Eating is convenient.
  4. It goes well with the current fast paced life style,
  5. It matches well with the style of current generation,
  6. Good substitution for any meal or snacks, and
  7. There is joy of indulgence also.
However, we should also keep in mind the harmful effect of these types of food on human body. Indulgence on fast food leads to overindulgence. It is expensive and isolating, you cannot share it with other like a birthday cake. It takes you beyond your eating tolerance limit. The joy of eating overcomes the guilt of burdening yourself with extra weight.

Fast food eating has become a fashion through the commercials and malls. We never want to say that this type of food cannot be taken occasionally or fat people are to be detested. These foods are better to be avoided when you have a better substitute. Please, always remember obesity is a serious disease which has a very close link with fast food.

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