Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Men 180 Tablets

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Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Men 180 Tablets

Organic Vita Min Herb for Men is a foundational step on your path towards true health and wellness. Our time-honored, organic formula provides men of all ages a whole new level of elemental wellness, renewed energy, and core health. Nature's medium for delivering nutrients to our bodies has always been pure, whole foods. This fundamental wisdom guided every step in the creation of Organic Vita Min Herb for Men.

In it, we have united our innovative organically grown vitamins and minerals with meaningful amounts of our Synergized® organic herbal extracts created to support and sustain your healthy energy, libido, heart, brain, digestion, immune system, and overall well-being. The result is a rich, biologically superior all-in-one formulation that supports and fortifies a man's body and his dynamic physiology.

Organic Vita Min Herb is used daily by men at all stages of life and from all walks of life-from career professionals to fathers, athletes to sports enthusiasts, students to seniors, and countless others, providing valuable support to anyone wishing to cultivate lifelong health and wellness. It is deeply revitalizing and restorative for a man's physiology; maximizes your ongoing energy, vitality, and virility; promotes optimal athletic performance, endurance, and recovery; fosters a clear, focused, energized mind; and offer targeted support for your most vital organs and systems

All of Synergy's vitamins and minerals in Organic Vita Min Herb for Men are "grown" as a whole food in an exclusive process, not manufactured synthetically in a lab. And even better, we use a USDA-accredited third party agency to certify that all the essential vitamins and minerals are grown in 100% accordance with the protocols of organic food, so you can be sure that you are feeding your body completely pure nutrients, not chemicals.

Along with our unique organic whole food nutrients, our Synergized® organic herbal extracts set Organic Vita Min Herb apart from all other multivitamins on the market today. Relying on both deep, traditional herbal wisdom and the best of modern science, we have carefully selected each fine ingredient from nature to support your most vital organs and systems-energy, digestion, brain, heart, and immune system. Men's

Energy and Vitality Builder: Energizing and harmonizing herbs to build a renewed sense of vitality and vigor.
Men's Heart Health: A fusion of notable botanicals and bioflavonoids for tried and true heart support.
Men's Immune Strength: Valuable, time-honored herbs to support a robust, healthy immune response.
Men's Mind and Brain Support: A powerful selection of herbs to foster a clear and focused mind, and healthy brain function.
Men's Digestive Ease: Restorative botanical blend to both calm and strengthen your digestive system.
Men's Fortifying Spice Blend: A potent blend of spices to nourish a man's vital physiology

3-6 tablets per day (2-3 in morning; 1-3 in afternoon) with or without meals
Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Men 180 Tablets
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  • All-in-one multivitamin and herbal support for men of all ages with wide-ranging needs
  • Organic vitamins and minerals grown as whole food, not made synthetically in a lab
  • Complete herbal support for energy, brain/mind, digestion, immunity and heart
  • Free of fillers, flavorings, binders, and other chemical additives
  • Certified Organic, Kosher, Natural, Gluten-Free, Chemical-Free, Non-GMO
Great vitamins at a great price.
Review By Jeffrey B
I bought these because they are all natural and said to be easy on the stomach. I don't eat veggies and I'm sure lack many of these vitamins that it replaces. I've noticed a boost in energy since starting these and just all around feel better. I plan on continuing to use these and will be gradually working my dosage up. Right now I am just taking 1 in morning and 1 in the afternoon but will be increasing that to 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

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