intraKID Liquid Nutrition Vitamins/Minerals for Kids (intraMAX for Kids) 32 oz.

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intraKID Liquid Nutrition Vitamins/Minerals for Kids (intraMAX for Kids) 32 oz.

IntraKIDTM is a 100% organic liquid multi-vitamin and natural mineral supplement. IntraKID uses intraCELL V Technology to convert inorganic nutrients and elements into carbon-bond organic nutrients for maximum intra-cellular absorption. This is capable by surrounding a molecule with organic carbon, then breaking it down into new polymerized, ultra-chelated, re-structured molecules. The carbon-bond organic nutrients are then naturally enriched with a polymer known as fulvic acid.

The end product of nature's decomposition process Fulvic acid is tied closely to immune system functions and has exceptionally powerful antioxidant qualities. IntraKID 100% carbon-bond liquid nutritional supplement provides maximum absorption of the nutrients your body needs.

IntraKID looks to replace the organic trace minerals that have been lost due to the industrialized methods of farming within our agricultural system. More than 70 trace minerals are necessary to produce healthy, nutrient rich crops. Current farming methods routinely put back only 3 to 5 of them. The body is meant to utilize minerals from organic compounds, however foods are losing their nutritional value. In response to this, inorganic trace minerals have been added to our diet in the form of colloidal supplements.

These inorganic trace minerals are not properly absorbed by the body and are stored outside the cells in fatty tissues. IntraCELL V technology adds organic carbon to the trace minerals and breaks it down into new smaller re-structured molecules allowing them to be carried into the cell for maximum absorption. Organic trace minerals are systemic catalysts and are responsible for carrying most of the nutrition into our cells.
  • IntraKID supports a solid nutritional foundation, healthy bones, digestion, growth,and immune system
  • IntraCELL V Technology converts inorganic nutrients and elements into carbon-bond organic nutrients.
  • IntraCELL V Technology provides maximum intra-cellular absorption.
  • IntraKID looks to replace the trace minerals that are lost due to the industrialization of farming.
intraKID Liquid Nutrition Vitamins/Minerals for Kids (intraMAX for Kids) 32 oz.
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Best Vitamins for Kids and Worth the Money,
By LisaVA -
One year ago I started looking a multivitamin for my kids. My daughter was a very picky eater and I needed to suppliment for the nutrition she was lacking while working to improve her eating habits. The cost of this vitamin at first seemed like a lot to me, but if you take the time to compare Intrakids to everything else, it really does provide a full sprectrum. There are a few points I wanted to share with other parents looking for a multivitamin. The whole point of giving your kids multivitamins is to make them healthier. So you should avoid multivitamins that contain any kind of food colorings (you can research effects of food colorings if you do not know why), and sugars.

Next, you need to figure out what vitamins/nutrients you need supplimented for your child. For me, my daughter did not eat meat or really any vegetables at all. It was like she was on a white diet- rice, bread, yogurt. I read that if people are deficient in certain vitamins or nutrients, food actually tastes different to them and when you correct the deficiency, they are willing to try foods. I also believe that kids development in the first 5 years of their life is instrumental to the rest of their lives, so I was willing to spend the money to be sure they are not deficient in anything. That is what Intrakids can offer and its organic with trace minerals which was important to me also. So if your child eats good, and you just need a little suppliment to make sure, this may not be what you are looking for or willing to spend. For me, it was and it has made a difference in my kids. We call it super juice and tell the kids how it makes them super strong and super fast, they love that. The taste is a little concentrated, but contrary to what I read in other reviews, I think they did an amazing job on the taste.

People need to be realistic in their expectations. You can't say you want the best kids multivitamin including trace minerals, amino acids, and digestive enzymes (btw, what other kids multivitamin include those), you want you kid to like the taste (and mind you, some kids don't even like the taste of water, so maybe you kind of just have to make you kid eat/drink something they don't like the taste of), and not be expessive. Those just aren't realistic expectations.

Luckily my kids like the taste, so taking the vitimins have never been a problem. But if parents did have a problems, I'd say either make a soothie for them and add it in, or just tell them this is something they HAVE to take to make them healthy, its this or a plate of veggies and maybe have a plate of veggies next to it. My daughter is definitely healthier, we got blood tests to make sure. She IS willing to try new foods and i have peace of mind that her nutrition is not negatively effecting her development. I have 2 kids on these vitamins and we go through a bottle a month. If I follow the serving size, I'd go through a bottle a day. Which for the first 2 months, we actually did, and then because I thought their diets improved and to save money we cut the serving size in half.

I think this is a great product, and am very grateful for the help it has given my kids and me as their mother.

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