Low Carb High Protein Weight Loss Diet

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Low Carb High Protein Weight Loss Diet

Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals, fibre and water are 7 groups important for our body to function optimally and keep us disease free, but the amount, timing and the daily requirement varies from individual to individual depending on different factors like - age, height, weight, activity level, gender etc. High protein low carb diet is one of the most effective technique to lose weight, and bring the cholesterol, triglycerides and body fat down to a healthy level.

There are many kinds of diets which work on different ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The high protein and low carb diet provides high protein, moderate amount of carbs and a reasonable amount of good fats as well as sufficient amount of fibre in our body.

Dieting tips for low carb high protein weight loss diet :
  • One should always follow a balanced diet with all the food groups included.
  • The water intake should be optimally maintained, the minimum being 1.5 to 2 litres/ day varying from person to person depending on different factors.
  • Along with the low carb high protein diet a good exercise programme should be followed.
  • While selecting high protein foods, one should always select the ones which are low in fat like beans, lentils and low fat dairy foods.
  • To feel full naturally keep your fibre intake high, which you will get from fruits, vegetables and beans.
  • Fat should not be avoided from the diet. The good fat/unsaturated fats are required for different functions in our body and will help you feel fuller for longer time.
  • Dairy foods which include milk, yoghurt and cheeses contain a good amount of protein, calcium and vitamins, but one should always check the amount of natural and added sugars in those foods.
  • Always grill, steam or bake the food instead of frying it.

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