Low-fat milk instead trigger the disease

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Low-fat milk instead trigger the disease

MYTH "low milk fat makes you fat" is a lot to make people confused. Many doctors and nutritionists advise patients to consume whole grains and avoid saturated fats. Recommendations are actually assessed wrong because it will make people fat and sick.

To know the truth of this, a series of recent studies Dr. Chris Kresser shows that, eating low-fat dairy products that encourage the formation of metabolic diseases and everything that accompanies it, including obesity, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes and heart disease.

As reported on NaturalNews, Tuesday (12/23/2014), Dr. Stephen Guyenet find that all of these risk factors due to consumption of low-fat milk. In contrast, full-fat dairy consumption can actually lower the risk of metabolic diseases in the body.

The body needs fatty acids found in milk

Fat from dairy products not only helps digestion and assimilation of other milk components, but also helps protect the intestinal and cardiovascular degradation. Butyric acid for example, one of the main fatty acids found in milk fat, providing energy to the cells lining the colon and helps inhibit inflammation in the digestive tract.

The same benefits derived from phytanic acid and linoleic acid (CLA), two other fatty acids in milk fat. Phytanic acid shown to reduce triglyceride levels, improve insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar regulation, whereas linoleic acid has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Full-fat milk have many advantages

Everyone's body is different, some people need vitamin K2, vitamin is only found in the content of full-fat milk. Milk fat is also an excellent source of healthy saturated fats

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